February 22, 2016

We're Back (and a bunch of other good news)!

This was a major bitch, but now it’s over. After working day, night and coffee breaks for the last two weeks we’re finally done migrating all data from Parse’s (R.I.P.) servers to our very own.

So what does this mean? Well, for one it means that from now on we’ll be in total control of our tool and the risk of similar mishaps in the future will be kept to a minimum. But that’s not all. Furthermore all apps built with AppSpotr, plus our Viewer, will run at at least twice the speed. Vrrrooooom! Our CMS will be both faster and smoother. And we’ve assured ourselves the best conditions for adding new features and modules to our platform.

To sum it up, AppSpotr re-incarnated is faster, more reliable and in every other aspect just as appic as ever. This calls for a celebration! That’s why, very shortly, we’ll pimp AppSpotr with a shiny new Templates Feature and two new modules – Quiz and Forms. Keep an eye out here or on our Facebook page within the near future.

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