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Let us build your app!

Apps are developed with our powerful low-code platforms that offer many advantages – such as pricing, flexibility, control, distribution and tons of generic ready-made templates. Your app can be developed from scratch based on your specification or build on one of our ready-made concepts. In addition to developing your app, we take care of project management, design implementation, integrations and prepare your app for distribution. We always give a fixed price proposal for your app specification so you know the cost before the project starts. All apps come with a 1-month warranty for bugs and fixes.


Studio’s team of app developers and designers develops your app based on an app concept or a specification and helps you get started with distribution. You manage content and users.

A good app has both good design and content.


✔️  Start-up and specification scope

✔️  Setup of customer environment in selected platform

✔️  Setup of content management (CMS) and user management in chosen platform

✔️  Development of an app in IOS/Android (and PWA based on request)

✔️ Design of the app with a proofreading round

✔️  Advice and support for creating accounts with Apple/Google for production and distribution*

✔️  Handover meeting of the app project with training in CMS

✔️ 1 month free support after delivery

Option to purchase App as a service service agreement within 30 days.

Studios app as a service

We provide a comprehensive package that includes keeping your app up-to-date with new code whenever required and ensuring its seamless functioning. It is simillar to renting a function, similar to a telephone subscription. Irrespective of any changes such as operating system updates or new phone releases, we guarantee to keep your app updated and running efficiently. Additionally, the service offers priority support for our clients. The cost of the "App as a Service" model is a fixed monthly fee, providing a steady and predictable operating cost without any unforeseen expenses.


App as a service  means that we take ownership of the challenges so that you can devote time and energy to focus on opportunities. Usually, apps need updates every year, which can be expensive and time-consuming, often around 30-50% of the app’s development cost each year. With App as a service, these updates happen automatically when needed. 


✔️  Dedicated contact point at Studios

✔️  Access to VIP support via phone and email

✔️  SLA of 24 hours for started case in case of error (weekdays)

✔️ Regular update of the app code to the current version of IOS / Android

✔️  Where applicable, version management in the platform