Everything you need to know about building your app with Appspotr


Why should I use Appspotr?
Appspotr is a cheaper, easier and faster way of creating and maintaining apps.
What is the best tool for mobile app development?
Some would say Appspotr. We would say they're right. Make up your own mind here.
How long does it take to build an app with Appspotr?
A basic app can be made in about two hours, but you can make is as advanced as you like. Only you can say when you have the perfect app for your needs.
What is the easiest way to build an app?
The easiest way to make an app is to modify an existing App Template.
What kind of apps can I build?
There is no limit but your imagination to the types of apps you can build. For ideas and suggestions, see our App Templates.
What are the key features of Appspotr?
Appspotr lets you create smartphone apps visually with little to no coding. The platform's biggest strengths are an intuitive user interface and a wide selection of ready-built templates.
Where can I learn how to use Appspotr?
Our mission is to make app building available to everyone. As such, Appspotr is built to be intuitive and easy to learn with information and guidance inside the platform from the second you start using it. That being said, it can still take a while to familiarize yourself with the menus and features.

You can access our platform documentation and training materials on academy.appspotr.com.

For support and other questions, please visit the Help Center.
Do you develop custom-made apps?
Appspotr is not an app development company. The idea behind Appspotr is to give you full control by providing all the necessary tools to build the app yourself.

If you prefer to outsource development of your app, we can help you find the best partner for your needs. Please use the expert contact form.
Are there any Appspotr Ads in the apps once published?
There are no Appspotr ads in the published apps.
What is Patchwork?
Patchwork is a drag-and-drop logic builder that lets you configure how your application behaves. You can connect views and logic blocks via "patches" to customize input, output. navigation, rules, logic and structure. For more information, see Patchwork.
Can I send push notifications to the app from my phone?
Users with administrator privileges for the app can update content in the app and send push notifications from their phone.
Can I have a login to the app?
Login functionality can be created in the Patchwork tool by using predefined logic blocks.
What is a PWA?
A progressive web application (PWA) is a type of application software delivered through the web, which allows for a user experience similar to desktop and mobile native applications. Functionality includes working offline, push notifications (not all web browsers support push notifications), and device hardware access.

Pricing and payment

Do I need a credit card to publish my app?
The default payment method is via credit card. We do not currently offer invoicing.
Are there any third-party costs?
Is anything ever truly free in this world? Philosophical pondering aside, you do need your own developer account to publish apps to Apple App Store and Google Play and that comes with a fee.
How many apps can I build?
You can build as many apps as you like, and want to pay for. We offer app bundles and special volume discounts. For details, see our pricing model.
How long are your contracts?
We offer flexible plans to fit your specific needs, you pay monthly or annually.


Can I copy or clone an app?
Yeah, just click “Copy” on the app you want to clone in your app list. After the cloning is complete you can re-style and re-assemble your creation in Patchwork to build a new app based on the old one.
How do I know when my app is published?
You will receive an email once the app is published on App Store or Google Play store. PWA apps are published instantly.
Do I have to republish the app after updating it?
Only major changes require you to republish your app.

Changes to content, navigation, views, styling, or data are automatically applied to published apps. You do not need to submit a new build to the app store.

If you add new features to your app, you will have to build and publish a new version for users to download.
Can I publish apps on my own Apple and Google account?
Absolutely. Appspotr lets you build and create binaries you can publish in both Apple Store or Google Play.
Can I publish PWA on my own subdomain?
Currently, PWA:s can only be published on an Appspotr subdomain.


Where is Appspotr hosted?
Appspotr is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
What happens if Amazon servers are down?
This is an extremely rare occurrence, but if it does happen your apps will still function properly. You may not be able to make changes or send push notifications during this time, however.

Partners & Resellers

Can I become a reseller for Appspotr?
We are happy to take on resellers. Please use the contact form for more information.
Can I have my own white-label version of the platform?
If you want to become a partner, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Can I get the APK and IPA file for my app?
You can download the IPA and APK files from the CMS.
Can I add a third-party SDK to my app?
For security reasons, Appspotr does not allow third-party SDKs to be included in the apps. But if you need a particular functionality in the platform we'd love it if you send us a Feature Request.
Does the platform have an API?
Currently, Appspotr does not offer a public API with access to the CMS. Of course, apps built with Appspotr can be used to connect to any modern API.
Does the app work offline?
Yes, it does. The app caches the data when connected to the internet. When using the app offline, the cached version will be displayed. You will not be able to send push notifications or update your app while offline.
Is there an SDK available?
There is currently no public SDK for Appspotr, but we are hoping to make it possible to build custom components for our platform in the future.

Compliance & Legal issues

Who owns the app and the source code?
We grant you a license to use and modify the app however you see fit. You build, design, add content and publish your creation under your own license on the Apple App Store and Google Play. But as your app cannot operate without the Appspotr backend, which is our intellectual property, you cannot own or move the source code.
Can I export the code for my app?
Currently, app source code cannot be exported from the platform.
Are you compliant with the European accessibility act of 2021?
Appspotr is fully compliant with the European accessibility act of 2021, but it’s your responsibility to make sure your app and its content is.
Are you GDPR-compliant?
Appspotr is fully GDPR compliant.