We're an ambitious team with a shared mission.

We offer a low code platform where anyone can build apps online, without compromising on quality or design.

An ambitious team with a shared mission

We put pride in empowering people – from business managers and engineers to entrepreneurs and artists – and helping them reach their goals through functional and stylish apps. Driving democratization of this business is everything to us. All for apps, apps for all!
Our vision
We live to simplify and democratize app development together with our customers and aim to become the world’s most celebrated tool for low-code mobile app development.
Our DNA and purpose
Our DNA is to simplify app development and our purpose is to help businesses deliver and run apps to their audience.
Driven by our purpose
By introducing tools that manage the app’s life cycle into systems and processes at organizations, we’re making the delivery, operation and updating of apps faster and easier.
Focused on our users
We bring the platform with its tools and extensions – you bring your business needs, the systems, the users and the drive.
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