Make low-code smartphone apps

Low code,
high quality

Creating your app with our powerful visual builder offers many advantages – like pricing (it’s not expensive), flexibility (you can build whatever you want) and loads of kick-ass features.
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Design your app without coding
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Building with templates

The easiest way to build your app is by starting out with one of our templates. Get a professional result fast without writing a single line of code.
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Ready-made functions for your purposes
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Intuitive user interface
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Build and publish your app in hours
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No Code Features

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Change the look-and- feel of all your app’s views from a single place.

Real-Time Updates

Update any aspect of a published app in real time.


Stay updated on all relevant user data with comprehensive analytics.

Push Notifications

Send instant or scheduled push notifications to all of your app’s users or selected groups.

Centralized Media Library

Conveniently store all files related to your app in a single location.


Publish your app to Appstore and Google Play, and as PWA to a subdomain on the web.
Our low-code app maker sets free your inner expert
Low code

Unleash the full potential of Appspotr

As a seasoned builder you can get even more out of Appspotr. Mixing ready-made modules with custom coded elements opens up near endless possibilities for your app.
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Update your app in real time
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Any feature you lack, build it yourself
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Integrate with any API
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Low Code Features


Mix pre-built and customized component to create apps that are just as simple or complex as you want them to be.

Native & PWA

Build React Native apps for iOS and Android as well as progressive web apps.
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Combine any logic function in a powerful visual builder, using pre-built logic blocks or customizing your own.

Easy-to-Integrate API

Quickly and smoothly integrate your app with any modern API through our REST API.


Assign multiple admins who can make changes to your app.


Work freely on any new features and improvements to your app without publishing – update whenever you’re ready.
Pro code

Leave it to
the experts

Not everyone can or wants to build their app themselves. Why not let the elite squad over at Appspotr Studios take care of business for you?
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Fast and hassle-free production
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Great result guaranteed
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Cheaper than old-school coding
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Pro Code Features

App as a Service

Outsource every aspect of your app – from production and publishing to maintenance and updating content.

Certified Expertise

Rest assured that your app is built by professionals trained and approved by the Appspotr team.


Any help you need handling or updating your app, holler at your new friends at Studios and they will get you sorted in no time.