A complete build kit

Appspotr makes it fun and easy to build stylish apps

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A complete build kit

Appspotr makes it fun and easy to build stylish apps

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Appspotr 3 – beast unleashed

Appspotr 3 is a revolutionary low-code platform for fast, safe and agile development of mobile native apps. Deployment, operation and maintenance is automated under your fingertips.

This next generation app builder offers complete creative freedom and lets you assemble, re-assemble, update, clone and make changes in your business apps whenever you want.

Onboarding time is short and in just two days you’ll be creating the apps you need without coding. The end product will be native apps (iOS/Android), progressive web apps or both.

Deployment is super fast too. Preview and test workflow, functionality and look-and-feel before launching on the app stores and web domains of your choice.

Our low-code platform means no bugs or unwelcome surprises, contrary to traditional app development.

With Appspotr you can change your live apps on the go, editing every aspect from workflow and logic blocks to nitty-gritty design on a pixel level. Everything is saved and ready to be launched in a new version – just publish in real time whenever you’re ready.

Your apps can be integrated with any modern API, allowing for near endless possibilities on our platform.

Yet another benefit is our permission system, providing full control to big and complex organisations and partners. This allows you to build container apps, opening up trillions of business opportunities.

Appspotr 3 is compliant with GDPR and the European accessibility act 2021, which lets the public sector in the EU use our tool for its apps and web.

And last but not least, our team and partner network of experts are always close at hand to ensure you get the help and functionality you require.


Discover the possibilities with Appspotr


Change the look-and-feel of all your app’s views from a single place

App datasets

Store tabular data in your app using datasets which can be updated through the app’s logic. You can also import data from external sources.


Use pre-built and customized components to create apps that are just as simple and easy-to-use or complex as you want them to be.


Combine any logic function you want in a powerful visual builder, using pre-built logic blocks or customizing your own.


Assemble and build your own unique app themes and re-use or re-assemble them for any future app projects.

Container apps

Build container apps that populate a portfolio of apps.


Conveniently store all files related to the app in a single location.

Native & PWA

Build React Native apps for iOS and Android and PWA apps.


Distribute your app to App Store or Google Play Store and publish it as a PWA to a subdomain on the web.

Push Notifications

Send instant or scheduled push notifications to all app users or filtered by groups.

App analytics

Stay informed and in control with a comprehensive app overview featuring all relevant statistics. Once the data gets populated you’ll be able to visualize and obtain insights from it.


Set up how the app behaves using Patchwork. Connect different views and logic blocks through patches to set up input and output properties.


Set the roles of all admins who can make changes to your apps.


Complex but powerful permission system. Organize your apps in groups, organizations and a top-level partner organization. Users within the system and apps gain access to roles in groups linked to apps and organizations.

Partner platform

Partners get their own instance of the platform where they can freely distribute app licenses to as many organizations as they want under their own brand.

Easy to integrate API

Our REST API allows for quick and easy integration of any modern API into the platform.


Keep another version of your app with new features and improvements to be published when needed.

“We’ve been searching hard for a platform that offers our customers an easy way to manage their apps, but each and every one we have evaluated is severely limited when it comes to logic flows and integrations – except Appspotr. It’s the only tool that checks all of our boxes and we believe it is built to meet the needs of tomorrow.”
Bobby Spencer
Twire, Sri Lanka
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Appspotr is the perfect tool for creating almost any kind of app. With a wide range of powerful features at your disposal, building fast and functional apps has never been easier.
“Appspotr is a great platform that provides the flexibility for us to build customized applications and also offer ease of management when we deploy it for our Clients.”
Dulitha Wijewantha
Valued Partner

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