Covers the process and tooling for the security, release, monitoring and life cycle management of low-code applications.
Application Life Cycle Management
Application Approvals
Integration controls
Application and platform metrics
Security and access control
Use-case licensing
Developer access and onboarding


Covers how the platform integrates with existing applications, data and services.
Data access
Application connectors
API integration
Event-driven capabilities

Architectural considerations

Covers how the platform provisioned, deployed, accessed and maintained.
Platform scalability
Hosting model
Exposing applications as APIs
Portable and extensibility
Disaster recovery
Offline capabilities
Application testing

Developer and operations experiences

Covers the platform experiences for development and operations teams.
Developer personas
Data validation
Developer and operations tools
DevOps methodologies
Sandbox environments

End-user experience

Refers to the user experience while consuming an application deployed with a low-code platform.
UI-design and frameworks