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Professional apps – faster and with more control

Our low-code platform lets you create professional business apps quickly and at large scale. No matter how complex your needs, we ensure your toolkit is sharp and ready for the rising and ever-changing demands of the market today.
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Appspotr 3 is here.
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Appspotr in short

According to Gartner, 65% of apps will be built using low-code programming by 2024.
The global market for low-code tools is predicted to increase by 40% annually over the next three years.
With a decade in the app industry and over 400,000 users globally, Appspotr is ready for the future.
  • Web based, low-code platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Power to build, design, publish and manage custom-made professional apps at low cost
  • Agile system – full flexibility and control, with changes made quickly and applied to your whole set of apps
  • Compliant with GDPR and European accessibility act of 2021
  • All updates of smartphone operating systems and mobile web browsers are handled automatically by Appspotr
  • Intuitive interface
  • Customized design for total creative freedom
  • Endless possibilities to add sophisticated integrations

The number one app tool on the market

With the speed, agility and control provided by Appspotr, you will be ready to face the increasing complexity of your markets.

With only two days of onboarding, anyone can create and maintain apps using our online low-code platform. This means your apps will be ready and published in a very short time, freeing up resources in IT and ensuring quick return on investment.


Appspotr allows you to create unique apps which can be scaled up dynamically and updated according to arising needs. As a flexible partner we continually make sure that your integrations work properly and provide you with new functionality for your apps.


With Appspotr 3, multifunctional organisations have full, centralized control of their apps. Thanks to the smart interface you get a perfect overview of development, updates and role-specific user groups.

Why choose Appspotr?

App industry
Limited by templates
Create your own template
Takes 4 months to get published
2 weeks, probably less
Costs at least $67,000
Way lower
Different programming skills required to build PWA, iOS and Android apps
Build PWA, iOS and Android automatically in the same tool – no programming skills required
Limited to one user group
Permission user groups – system and apps can be customized depending on the users
Challenging to manage apps with many contributors
Distribute roles for design, copy, integrations, logic, etc in the system
Expensive integrations
Integrate with any external system through rest API
Requires bug-handling before launch
No bugs, just deploy

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