July 1, 2022

10 Most Popular apps that can be connected with Zapier

You can send data from your Appspotr app to Zapier to automatically route form submissions to hundreds of apps, including Gmail, MailChimp, Facebook Pages, Google Drive, and more. No more manually copy-pasting your form submissions from the dashboard into your different services.

The basic steps are;

1. Connect your apps - Connect your accounts to Zapier

2. Set up your Zap - Choose which data to send to your desired app

3. Turn on your Zap - Start automating your work

There are over 4000 apps that you can connect with your Appspotr app. Here below mentioned are the most popular 10 apps and the most popular Zaps that you can create through them.

  1. Twitter - Update Profile Image on Twitter account
  2. Gmail - Add Label to Email
  3. Google Drive - Copy a file in Google Drive
  4. Facebook Pages - Change Page Profile Photo on a Facebook Page
  5. Google Sheets - Create Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets
  6. Slack - Send Direct Message through Slack
  7. Google Calendar - Add attendee/s to Google Calendar Event
  8. Mailchimp - Create Mailchimp Campaign
  9. Instagram - Publish photo to Instagram account
  10. Youtube - Upload video to Youtube Account

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