September 15, 2021

Three New Templates

All good things come in threes. Like Biblical deities, Scandinavian countries, slot-machine jackpots and, last but not least, our new templates. Here are the latest additions to the library.

Sometimes one feature is all you need. The form lets you collect information through free-text answers to your questions. The perfect template for qualitative surveys, error reporting or why not exams?

Spur the attention and engagement of your users with your own News app. Fill the feed with text, images and videos directly in the app as a logged in user. Push notifications help make sure your users don’t miss any important updates.

Handbook lets you gather unlimited volumes of information or instructions in your own knowledge center. Keep the app structured and easy to navigate using topics and sub-topics. The search function makes your articles even easier to find. Add new content anywhere and at any time as a logged in user.

Which one will you use to make something appic?

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