June 19, 2017

Unique Merch for Your App

Soon the world’s best app builder will also be the world’s most convenient merch solution. Starting with our ancestral home of polar bears and horned helmets, we hope to unleash this functionality globally in the near future.

Apparently we’ve been aching to make new friends lately. Following Horsie last month comes Swedish company Unistore. They deal in the merch business, and are the go-to guys if you want to give your company some extra bling bling. Thanks to our new partnership you’ll be able to do just that – straight through the AppSpotr tool.

You’ll get the entire package, from a finished app to unique products, storing, distribution and payment management. Whether you’re selling soccer tees, indecent coffee cups or haute-couture mankinis, you can just lean back while we deal with the order and make sure it reaches your customer.

After we’ve sorted out the finer details, this functionality will be taken for a test run in Sweden – just in time for the swimsuit season. If everything goes well the rest of the world will follow.

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