April 24, 2018

Today the First Developers Gets Access to Our Developer Portal

Today I’m happy to announce that Appspotr opens up our portal for external developers to build and contribute to our Marketplace modules. This is huge for us and for the world of app building!

Since the beginning of Appspotr our goal has always been to build a platform with limitless possibilities when it comes to building, designing, and publishing apps on the App Store and Google Play. Although this has been a tall order, we’ve been confident that it’s achievable if we enable 3rd-party developers to build plugins and integrations on our platform.

Throughout the years we’ve been carefully laying the foundation for this goal of limitless app creation to come true, and now the time has finally come to announce that Appspotr is opening up the gates to our new React Native-powered development platform! One of the first external developers is Wiccon that from today on will contribute with new modules to our Marketplace via our Developer Portal. More and more developers will from now on be entitled to this possibility. Read more about Wiccon here: https://appspotr.com/blog/app-close-and-personal-wiccon-ceo-andreas-wickberg/

Our highly talented developers have spent the last months adapting the platform towards a streamlined React Native development experience that gives developers a cross-platform environment where they can rapidly prototype and develop their own ideas. We’ve also built functionality where anyone building an app on the Appspotr platform can request features that developers will then be able to build. We’ve earlier described the power of React Native in this blog post https://appspotr.com/blog/new-feature-react-native.

What does it mean for creatives?

Create any functionality in the app that you want! If you need a new module, game or an integration, you can build it yourself or request this feature that will then be built by any of the developers active on our platform. This can for example be a special type of calendar, a custom map or something more advanced like an integration with an internal business system.

In our ecosystem we’re linking creatives and developers together since not all creatives have the opportunity or resources to code React Native modules. That’s why we’ve built the ability to request new modules from our developer community into our platform.

This is the reason why Appspotr is so dynamic. Creatives does not need to have all specialist competence in-house. They only need the ideas. Developers does not need to have all their ideas  — they can choose from the Appspotr request list. We link them together and together they create epic apps!

What does it mean for developers?

The new Developer Community at https://developer.appspotr.com provides a quick and easy way for invited developers to start building modules.

Within the Developer portal, the developer can now download and start developing their Blueprint, which is basically a “module” in the Marketplace which can be reused and rebranded for specific use-cases.. When the developer is ready, the Blueprint is published and Appspotr does a technical review. Once reviewed,  it’s live as a new module in the Marketplace.

Modules can either be public or targeted towards a specific creative client. This opens up the possibility to earn epic cash!

To sum it up

Appspotr has now taken a big step forward and is at the forefront of the global app building community, which I am very proud of. For any app-builder, reseller or creative, Appspotr is from now on extremely flexible in what modules you can add for your clients or with your own app ideas! Create epic apps without coding!

Sometimes something so big seems so simple and obvious, that’s just what this step for Appspotr is. It shall be easy to create apps with Appspotr, just as we love the complete customizability for high-end needs.

I’m extremely happy with the work our team has performed and the possibilities we can now offer our clients and the developers!

/Christina Berntsson, Chief Product Officer, Appspotr

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