September 9, 2016

The Future of Appspotr

During our first year in the game, AppSpotr has attracted 130,000 unique users from all around the globe. Pretty damn awesome if you ask us. And, again, assuming we’re asked (after all, this is our blog), it’s only the beginning. With fresh $$$ in the bank and a stronger-than-ever belief in our service, here are a couple of appic things to expect from us in the future.


As many of you have requested, it’s now possible to publish apps to your own Google Play account. Soon the same will happen for App Store. What this means? Total control of your app, including the option of putting a price tag on it. Keep your eyes open for this change in the upcoming weeks.


Another widely requested feature, soon brought to you by your favorite app builder, is the possibility of allowing ads in your app for some extra dough. First out is Google AdMob for Android, ready for launch like about right now, with iOS functionality following shortly after.


Our first step towards opening up the AppSpotr Marketplace for all you creatives out there will be user-built templates. You know how it works. Come up with a concept, pick your modules, work some design magic and put a price tag on your fab creation. Then lean back and watch both your bank account and your karma meter go Jack and the Beanstalk. Yes, this is really happening! Soon.


Making AppSpotr a place where coders and non-coders coexist in perfect harmony. That has been our vision all along. Because let’s face it, even if we spent every waking minute inventing and building new modules, there are limits to what our time and creativity could achieve. And you know what we say to limits, right? Screw them. We don’t want to put coders out of business. We want to make them more business. That’s why, in six months or so, we’re opening up our platform for everyone to build and sell their own modules through our Marketplace. We can’t wait to be hit by the hailstorm of creativity this will unleash. Like a big-ass all-you-can-eat buffet with a thousand chefs lining up just waiting to serve you. Or, if you will, like a WordPress for apps. That’s where we’re going.

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