April 26, 2018

Some Words From Our Chairman

Sitting on the bus on my way to the office for a new day, where I usually meet IT entrepreneurs, hoping to invest. After my more than 20 corporate investments, there have been crystallized different “truths” in my way of finding the right business attitude in this jungle.

One of these truths that has emerged more often is the power in “try again”.

Appspotr has established the vision that we will take a seat among the top five platforms in the world to deliver apps. Appspotr will be for apps what Wordpress is for web. Easy to say at a strategic meeting, but at the same time places the high demands on developers and their ability to go from creative and abstract thinking to producing code. It has been a milestone in the technical roadmap where we will open up our Developer Portal (open source for external development). We’re now there and it’s for an external viewer only an activity that can be ticked off.

Today, on the bus, I think that what’s not evident is all cooperation and challenge of each other’s solutions that these developers have laid down and managed up until today. They have always triggered each other when reached a dead end or in finding an even better solution.

I have had the advantage of observing and reflecting at a close distance, which gave me the insight I highly appreciate. You, everyone in the development team and as employees at Appspotr has given me my truth, “I will never give up and always try again”.

Thank you Appspotr for your participation and writing Swedish IT history!

Peter Wendel

Chairman of the board, Appspotr

Professional board member and investor

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