October 17, 2016

Publish to Your Own App Store Account

It seems you’ve all been slaying your hydra and making your offerings, because surely, this must be a gift straight from Applympus. Finally you can publish to your own App Store account!

So, a while ago we opened up for publishing apps to your own account on Google Play. This unlocked the possibility to make money on your app, not to mention people would know who was behind it. No doubt a welcome change, but far from perfect with heavy-hitting App Store left out of the equation. Well, ladies and gents … say hello to perfection, ’cause that just changed. From now on your genius creations can be published to your own App Store account as well.

And speaking of publishing your app, ever heard of that dude in hell pushing a huge boulder up a hill only to have it come back down every time? That’s kind of what it normally feels like. Only worse. From providing screenshots to filling out forms, there’s a lot of boring stuff you’re forced to deal with. And no, not only when getting it out there for the first time. Every. Single. Update. That big-ass stone smacks you right in the face. Ouch!

To make sure publishing remains 100 percent torture free we give you: iOS Automatic – the iOS equivalent of Android Automatic. With this blessing the boulder turns into pebbles right before your very eyes. Updates to both content and meta data will happen at the click of a button, just the way we like it.

If you don’t have an iOS Developer account, check out our guide on how to get one here. And for those who don’t feel ready to take this step just yet, publishing on the AppSpotr account is still around as an option.

Well, what are you waiting for? You have an App Store top chart to conquer!

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