May 25, 2016

Pretty Much the Update of the Century

Brace yourselves, appic news are coming. Firstly, we’re done implementing the changes to Google Play publishing. Not only does this mean the platform is once again available – you now have the option to publish paid apps with AppSpotr. But there’s more to it. Since we love spoiling you we’re also launching the damn useful new feature Templates. Hooray!


You’ve probably noticed that publishing for Google Play has been down for some time. Well, it was for a good cause. Starting today, your Android apps will be published to your own account. Huge news since it opens up for something many of you have been waiting for. Paid apps. Just in case you didn’t catch that leprechaun yet. To get your hands on your masterpiece, simply download the APK from AppSpotr – for free, of course – and publish to your own Google Play Developer account. If you don’t have an account yet, check out how to get one here.

We’re also introducing a new way of publishing called Android Automatic, where we upload, publish and update your apps 100 percent automatically. With this option you don’t need to concern yourself with menial tasks surrounding uploading and maintaining apps – everything is served from AppSpotr’s CMS. You still need a Google Play Developer account, though. Android Automatic is a premium feature available for $5/month.

Since there is a huge queue with apps in line for publishing on Google Play, your APK may not be ready for download until next week or later. Be sure to publish as early as possible to claim your spot in the queue.


With this update we’ll also launch our Templates feature. As the name suggests, this gives you the ability to build apps using pre-built templates. At launch there will only be a few ones available, but we’ll be adding new templates regularly. Keep an eye out for more on this here on our blog.

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