December 19, 2016

Popular, Hungover and Finally Tradable

Some posts ago our CEO took the opportunity to tell you his entire life story while smoothtalking you guys into buying shares for our upcoming stock listing. Remember? He finished his essay (that chapter of it, anyway) promising plenty of opportunities to brag about AppSpotr in the future. Apparently, the future is here already. And so are our stocks.

When asking for a shy 2-ish million bucks, obviously we were expecting to break that number by quite a decent margin. We believe in ourselves. And we know you do too. But nothing could have prepared us for the unspeakable success that followed.

The demand for AppSpotr shares has been huge, to say the least. O n e – t h o u s a n d – s i x – h u n d r e d – p e r c e n t huge. Seriously, that’s not too damn far from the Swedish record. We’re not sure exactly how this happened, but it probably doesn’t hurt that we have a kick-ass product. And that we’re totally amazing all around. Not to mention humble.

But enough about our landslide victory. Now we’re just so damn excited for the opportunities this brings. Finally we can roll up our sleeves and start working on a portal where third-party developers – that means you – can help us expand our platform by building and selling their own modules on our Marketplace. First things first, though. We’ll start off by giving you our two biggest module releases ever. Keep an eye out for number one in the coming weeks.

As of yesterday, our stocks are live on Swedish AktieTorget and eligible for trading. And yes, we’re adequately hungover from last night’s party. A gigantic brofist to all you who have supported us, used our tool and bought our shares. We’d be nothing without you guys.

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