July 26, 2016

Pokécraze App Idea Giveaway

Calling Pokémon Go a worldwide success would be the understatement of the year. The app managed to claim the title of most downloaded ever in a single day, and no matter where you turn outside you’ll find people of all ages immersed in its gamified reality. It’s surreal, really. It’s also your golden ticket to killer apps of your own. Like these.


Whether you’re hunting for elusive pokémon, looking for pokéstops to fill up your inventory or local gyms to conquer, relying on the limited in-game map alone leaves you fumbling in the dark. With the entire planet as your playground and an infinite number of locations to explore, you’ll need a helping hand finding those sweet spots.

That’s where the Pokémapp app comes in. Utilising our Locations module, the app pinpoints all the points-of-interest – including pokémon infested locations based on reports from other players – in your area. Essentially a TripAdvisor for pokémon hunters.

The great thing about this app concept is that you don’t have to worry about redundancy. Every area is unique and it’s obviously impossible for one app to map them all. Just make sure to claim your local area before anyone else does, and your neighbor players will turn to you for help on their quest.


Which pokémon is immune to wedgies? What is Mewtwo’s favorite romcom? How many Jigglypuff does Gyarados eat for breakfast? People love quizzes and Pokémon fans are no exception. The franchise has spawned countless games and movies throughout the years, so so you don’t have to worry about running out of trivia.

This is a real straightforward app idea, but sometimes the best ones are simple like that.


There are rare pokémon, like Mewtwo. Then there are really, really rare ones. So rare no one has ever found them. Your pokédex lists all of the ultra rare, yet-to-be-found but totally existing pokémon out there, including:

Trumpon – troll/steel type pokémon utilising racial slurs and giant walls to defeat his opponents. Social Justice Warthog – poison/cwy type pokémon equipped with the powerful “victim card” that renders male pokémon unable to act. Skydaddy – ghost type pokémon that wields infinite knowledge, power and love to rain war, sickness and Justin Bieber down on mankind. Since these pokémon are not only extremely rare but also god tier in terms of power, people will be sure to stop highway traffic, break into prisons (and out of them, of course) and cross the Atlantic ocean to find them. That’s a good thing, right?


Pokémon Go is very light in the tutorial department. The mechanics for everything from egg hatching and damage types to gym battles aren’t really explained to you. You’re just thrown into the digitalized version of our world to discover – or not discover – these things on your own. This might be fine if you’re just strutting around casually, picking up pokémon as they come. But for players out there setting the bar higher, planning to fill out the entire pokédex or dominating every gym in the vicinity and beyond, knowledge is of the essence.

Luckily your app Pokéfaq exists. Your in-depth analysis of the pokéverse covers everything there is to know. With newfound knowledge on battle mechanics, pokémons and their stats, damage/defense types, egg hatching, stat growth and so on, your users will go from Magikarp to Gyarados.


Fed up with the lemming like behavior of your local trainers? Cool story, bro. Why not channel that pissedoffness into a sweet app that does something about it?

Presenting a wide variety of alternate outdoorsy activites, Pokémon No offers a way out of this global craze. Why not go swimming, visit a landmark (and actually look at it) or make some jaws drop by – wait for it – conversing with a friend? The user is served a new activity every day, each of them 100 percent guaranteed walk-off-cliffs free.

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