March 13, 2018

New Viewer for Previewing Your Ios Apps

We are pleased to reveal a new solution for previewing your iOS apps, scheduled push and paid apps.

In a form of a viewer inside our CMS you can now see what your apps would look like on an iOS device without actually having one yourself. You can find this new viewer by clicking on the Preview button in the side menu inside the CMS. The viewer pops up in a new window that you can keep beside the CMS while designing and adding content to your app. Try it for yourself, create a new app or enter one you already built and press preview.

We have made scheduled push notifications available. You can access this functionality on the Events page. You select a date and time for a specific push notification to send out to your users. With this you could plan ahead with your push notifications and with more app engagement.

Selling your apps on the App Store and Google Play has also been made available. By setting a price in the Publish Settings you can earn some cash from your creations. Please note that Google Play does not allow apps to go from free to paid. If you already have an app published you will need to contact our support and we can re-publish your app as a paid app. Also note that this means your app will be a new app, so your users will have to download the new version of your app to see any updates you make.

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