October 4, 2017

New Payment Method

We have changed payment method from our old freemium version to a monthly/yearly subscription based method. With this, we offer you unlimited modules and push notifications for a set price.

Basic / Advanced plans Each app now needs a subscription, where you can choose between a Basic and Advanced plan. Both of these options give you all our features such as push notifications, social feed, update your app instantly, publish your app and unlimited amount of modules, while the e-commerce module is only available in the Advanced plan. You have options to choose between a monthly or annual (yearly) payment where the annual payment comes with a 20% discount. We have also added PayPal as an alternative payment solution.

I already have a published app, what will happen to it? If you have a published app with a subscription nothing will change. Your active subscription and price will be the same. All modules except e-commerce (if this wasn’t in your app already) will be available in your current subscription, think of it like a gold account, the old price but with more possibilities. If you would add e-commerce to the app and not had it before then you would have to upgrade to Advanced.

What does it mean when my app is in trial? When the trial period is active you can test the platform, build an app with all our modules, test our push notifications and preview the app in the AppSpotr viewer to see how it looks and feels on your phone, just like having a normal subscription but without publishing rights. In order to publish the app, you will need to create a subscription. When the trial period is over the app will be locked and you can’t access it anymore until you create a subscription for the app.

I have a coupon, where do I add it? Coupons are available to be added when you create a new subscription and can’t be added to active subscriptions.

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