February 2, 2017

New module: Social feed

Unleashing the ideas, feelings and far too generous use of exclamation marks of your users, the new Social Feed module lets you tap even deeper into the power of communication.

Crash! Boom! Bang! Did you hear that? It was the sound of our current hype streak bringing you yet another game changer.

The brand new Social Feed module is our first steady step into social functionality for your app. Boasting a long-requested login function and a feed where users can interact with your posts through likes and comments, this addition will take user engagement in your app to a whole new level.

Social Feed is available for $10 a month on the AppSpotr Marketplace.

Appy building!


  • Integrated login functionality allowing your users to like and comment on your posts
  • Go troll hunting in your feed with built-in comment moderation
  • Report button letting users mark inappropriate comments

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