March 30, 2016

New Module: Forms

Need to take reservations for your restaurant, conduct a super serious survey or just coax some sensitive information for that blackmailing campaign of yours? Congratulations, Forms lets you do it all!

For the first time ever, AppSpotr lets you gather any type of information using the new Forms module. Yes, any type. Except maybe for some supernatural alienish type we feeble-minded humans don’t even know exists. But who cares, right?

Anyway. Customize your form with a number of smooth and intuitive options to best suit the needs of you and your users and let the info roll in. All data collected through your app is instantly served to you in an email or as JSON to your URL of choice. Just imagine the possibilities! Or better yet, explore them.

The premium module Forms is available for $5 a month on AppSpotr Marketplace.

Appy building!


Customize your form and choose from a number of preset input types (such as text fields, check boxes, radio buttons and drop-down lists) to help you smoothly gather the information you need.

Choose how the collected data should be presented to you, either via email or as a JSON post to given URL.

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