December 1, 2020

New Feature: Language Support for Your App

We just launched a unique language support for our worldwide community and apps built in Appspotr 3. This is not just any language support.

To add language support to an app is a challenge, or at least it has been. But no more. With our language support – now included in all apps built-in Appspotr 3 – you can ad translation to your app, to any language, for both iOS and Android. This means that the language in the app automatically adapts to the language chosen for the device, as long as that language is added to your app from your Appspotr app.

This opens up the possibility to launch your app in different countries. For example; a global organisation can now launch apps in different languages, to both iOS and Android, in all the countries they operate.

That’s not all. What the Appspotr 3 language support handles, that usually isn’t included, is to tie the language to multiple, so-called; locales. This means that it handles how for example Spanish, Portuguese, and French are spoken in different regions. An example with Spanish; Previously, you had to duplicate Spanish, for each language: Spanish = Mexico Spanish / Spain Spanish/ Chile Spanish … and so on. In Appspotr 3 all you do is link a language: Spanish, to any locales: Mexico, Spain, Chile, etc. As simple as that.

In the same way that you add a language you can also remove language support and translations as you go, and the app will automatically be updated.

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