August 28, 2020

New Feature: API Integrations

Getting people to talk to each other isn’t the easiest thing. It takes beer, therapists – you name it. And the same kind of goes for apps. Setting up the connections to retrieve and send data requires money, time and technical expertise that is generally out of reach for all but the big corps. Until now, that is.

Once again, thy fair Ser Appspotr puts on an armor of shimmering code and rides out to the defense of all appkind. This time wielding a more powerful weapon than ever before. Friends, behold the glory of the latest game changer to grace our platform – apps with API integrations.

Leaving the knightly references and back to conversations, this new feature is pretty much a Dr. Phil for apps. By allowing custom external communication, it enables you to connect your Appspotr creation with pretty much any API out there and import or export data in real time.

Want your app to show the weather in French Polynesia, fresh Candy Crush high scores or the current per-kilo price on copper? Maybe all three in a bundle (you are a very sick person but we don’t judge)? It absolutely can! Beyond simply displaying the data, your app can also trigger remote functionality, meaning anything from parking management to e-commerce can be appified. And the best part: as always with Appspotr, no programming skills or other esoteric knowledge required.

To learn more about integrations with API:s in Appspotr 3 go to Appspotr Help Center

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