August 3, 2016

New Feature: Android Automatic

With the recent changes to Google Play publishing, users can finally publish AppSpotr apps to their own account. This is obviously awesome news, but on the flipside you now have to deal with all of the tedious and time consuming stuff surrounding publishing yourself. Right? Wrong – thanks to a little something called Android Automatic!

As you probably know, AppSpotr has been going through some big changes for the Android platform lately. These changes open up for paid apps and ads, but they also mean that you as a user will be taking care of all the tasks involved when publishing on your own, from providing screenshots and filling out forms to downloading, uploading and updating the app. Unless – and this is a big unless – you use our service Android Automatic.

For the monthly price of a shitty pizza slice and a soda, you can leave the entire process in our hands. Just register a Google Play Developer account and invite us to manage it. Once we’ve verified your invitation, you’ll be able to activate Android Automatic by choosing our account when publishing an app for the first time.

Read more about all of this in our extensive guide.

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