May 8, 2019

Important Update

During 2019 we announced that we will release our new Appspotr version 3.0 at some point in the future. This platform is a huge improvement from the current platform and will give you a lot more options and possibilities with your app.

3.0 is now in a closed beta version and is used by us internally to ensure the quality and delivery performance to selected customers before it is offered to the public. While this work is in progress, you will see some changes happen to 2.0. This is to enable us to add all our resources to 3.0. We will not stress the public launch of 3.0 until we have ensured a successful delivery capability to a larger number of selected existing customers.

As of today you will no longer be able to create any new apps or accounts in the old platform. The current published apps will of course still function but publishing is closed. Content updates will still work the way they do now but you won’t be able to do any meta-data updates anymore which includes: updates with icon, splash screen, description etc. We understand this might be inconvenient for you so we will also make all apps in 2.0 free of charge from now on. Even if you had an annual subscription it will change to free and you will be refunded for the last period.

With this, the support for 2.0 will also close by this Friday, 1pm CET.

All our focus will be set on the 3.0 and we will notify you when you will be able to use it.

3.0 is about offering a solution that is dynamic, flexible, and powerful. Appspotr 3.0 enables a truly powerful solution for creating mobile apps as you are now able to build all views yourself instead of relying on our pre-built modules. The app client code is written in React Native, which enables rapid development of new functionality for our apps and platform and still utilizes native functionality.

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