August 17, 2017

Important Notice Regarding iOS Publishing

In the beginning of June, during Apple’s annual developer conference, they announced changes to their guidelines regarding app publication on the App Store. At the time, we did not believe that these changes would affect apps published via the AppSpotr platform, but during the last few days we’ve found out that Apple considers our apps to be in violation of said guidelines.

We’re currently working together with Apple on changes to our platform that will enable our apps to comply with the new guidelines. In the meantime we have removed App Store as a publish method in our platform as a pre-emptive measure.

Apps that already have been published will remain on the App Store, but we’re not able to update them. Content updates still works normally in the CMS.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you, but we hope that you’ll bear with us while we work towards solving this issue. We’ll keep you posted when we have any new information to share.

These changes do not affect android apps

Pontus Backlund

CTO, AppSpotr AB

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