September 19, 2016

Google AdMob

With the possibility to put a price tag on AppSpotr apps, you can now cashcowify your creations. And guess what, making money on our platform just got even easier. Ladies, gentlemen, genderfluid and otherkin … we present: ads!

Starting today, the world’s number one echo system for in-app advertising is supported in your favorite app builder. And this means? Bingo – as many of you have requested, you can now show ads in your app! Google AdMob gives you full control of your advertising and makes it easy to maximise revenue. Customise your advertising by choosing your preferred ad format, filtering out ads you don’t want and lots of other stuff we won’t go into detail about here.

How to grace your creation with this splendid tool, you ask? It’s really simple. First off, get a Google AdMob account. Check. Submit your details to our system. Check. Lo and behold! For a mere two bucks a month, beautiful ads will now be displayed in your app. Paycheck!

Yep, that’s pretty much it. Now go make the world a better place by serving your users all those private-parts surgeries and Game of Thrones rip-off strategy games they never had a clue they needed.

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