June 16, 2021

Distribute Custom Apps Like Commissioner Gordon

Got a bunch of in-house iOS apps to distribute but no clue how to do it? Lo and behold, our latest template Redeem Codes comes to the rescue!

Remember the Bat-signal? You know, that giant-ass flashlight used by the Gotham Police to call for the Dark Knight himself? The reason we’re asking is our latest feature pretty much works the same. Only instead of summoning a masked vigilante to do the job for you while you take another not-so-well-deserved donut break, our little gadget lets you do something waaay more useful: Distribute custom iOS apps to your employees faster and easier than ever before.

”How is that even similar!?”, haters might ask. Well. For one they’re both really handy tools. That and you’re free to munch all the air-stuffed pastry you can handle while your employees rejoice in the rare sensation of downloading your internal apps at the click of a button – no hassle, no tech support.  

Here’s how it works:

  1. Use our ready-made template to create your very own iOS distribution PWA, then share the link with your employees and have them register an account
  2. Build the app you need using your favorite app builder
  3. Publish the app through Apple Business Manager, Apple School Manager or equivalent platform
  4. Fetch as many redeem codes as you need from said platform and upload the XML file to the PWA database
  5. ZLONK, BAM, KAPOW – your app is now ready for download!

(If you feel like distributing several apps, just repeat steps 2 through 5)

Holy low code, doesn’t that sound neato!? Head on over to the builder and try it out. Or you can read up on the deets here.

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