January 10, 2017

Changes to App Store publishing

The time has come to close off our App Store account. From now on, just as for Android, all new iOS apps will be published to your own ditto. Scary? We know. But it’s not all bad news, as fame, fortune and rich new wisdom lies within reach for those who venture on by themselves.

So, last year we opened up for the long-awaited feature of publishing to your own accounts. When implementing this for Google Play we also got rid of the option to publish through us. For App Store, we went about doing things a bit differently, rolling out support for your Developer account while retaining the option to use ours throughout the year. Well, 2k17 is here, you know. Time’s up. From now on, AppSpotr apps published to either platform go through your own account.

To publish to App Store, you’ll need an iTunes Connect Developer account enrolled to the iOS Developer Program. If you don’t have one yet, check out our guide on how to get it here.

Those of you who already have iOS apps live on the AppSpotr account, don’t worry. You’ll get some time to migrate your creations before they go poof. Just make sure it happens before February 9th, or face complete and utter unpublication at the hands of the Appocalypse. That’s really the worst that could happen.

We understand this might all seem a bit overwhelming at first, but us hosting thousands of apps was never a viable long-term solution. We all knew that. And honestly, there are plenty of perks to having your app on your personal account. You get access to ever so useful analytics, you can put a price tag on your app and, of course, as for every self-respecting artist, your masterpiece will be signed with your name.

Now whaddya say, time to go conquer those charts?

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