July 18, 2017

AppSpotr Soon in All Chinese App Stores

To all you haters saying magical horses don’t exist and that they can’t help you get into the Asian market: They do too! They can! And thanks to ours, AppSpotr apps will soon be available for 800 million Chinese smartphone users.

You remember Horsie, right? Our new forehead-horned BFF who promised to roll out the stardust sprinkled carpet for us in the mythical land of Asia? Yeah, that Horsie. It’s been less than two months since we shook hooves and signed our agreement with the blood of a leprechaun virgin. As you do. And already our friend delivers way beyond our wildest dreams!

We’re happy to announce (do clicketh here for press release in corporate English) that Novel Unicorn has landed us a deal with Hong Kong based app-distribution giant APPTUTTi, securing the technical prerequisites for a successful launch in China. This is no small feat. We’re talking the number one smartphone market in the world with over 800 million people that can build and download apps. Nothing short of a promised land for a company like us, of course, but one hidden behind a Great Wall of challenges. Until now, no Western app builder has managed to venture beyond. With this agreement we’ll smash right through that wall – and into every app store in China (there’s a lot of them).

Do you realise just how insanely big this is? Not sure even we do, but undoubtedly exciting times await. Stay tuned for the next episode of AppSpotr’s Appic Adventures in Asialand!

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