November 10, 2016

Appspotr Goes Public

Whoa, do we have a bomb to drop? DO WE?! Actually, no. We’ve got two. Before reading on, put on your safety goggles and ear muffs and find yourself some cover. How about that hippo over there?

Okay, brace yourself for bomb number one. AppSpotr has just managed to land a new issue. You know, that thing when people throw shitloads of cash at you because they’re sure you’re going to succeed. This means a couple of mills going straight into developing our platform, starting with a release of two new modules within short. And not just any modules. Two that will revolutionise our tool and unlock whole new possibilities. Long term, we’re opening up for you guys to build your own modules and templates and sell them on our Marketplace. This will spark a creative explosion on AppSpotr as well as give coders an opportunity to benefit from their skills. A complete game changer, in other words.

But guess what. It gets even boomier with bomb number two. Well, since we need to grow into our new role as a big bad corporation, we’re going to start wearing suits to work. Just kidding, that’s not it. We’re going on the stock market! Because nothing screams “respect our authoritah” more. Do you realize what this means? Before long, you* can own us. You can own one of the fastest growing tech startups in Scandinavia. Bits of it, anyway.

Unfortunately, our aspiration to become a respectable company also means we have to cut the edgy jargon. No more weird-ass references. Actually, no “ass” at all. No slang or cussing. No more leprechauns, definitely no leprechauns. From now on, expect nothing but lawyer-proofread corporate bullshit from us.

* Provided you’re a Swedish citizen. Just move here and become one, already. No biggie.

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