June 1, 2017

AppSpotr Goes Asia

We have a new BFF, straight out of the story books. Together we’ll ride into the sunrise and make everything east of it ours. Watch out, Asia – we’re coming for you!

What’s the most Asian thing you can think of? People in straw hats? Mantis, crane and monkey style kung-fu? Speedrunning the hell out of Super Mario Bros 3 – blindfolded? Or maybe a certain man-made structure that is supposedly one of the few things on Earth to be seen from the moon?

Fair enough, all integral parts of Asian culture. And before long there’ll be plenty of apps dedicated to them all popping up in various app stores around. Because we’re going neon-sign big over there.

We know what you’re thinking – you’d find a unicorn before that happens. Well, we did! In our new business partner, investment company Novel Unicorn. Together we’re starting up AppSpotr Asia. This is a match made in heaven. Horsie has the experience, the business network and the stardust sprinkled horn in its face – we have the product.

Asia is home to the biggest telecoms and payment-solution providers on the planet, and these huge-ass companies are aching to build volume businesses alongside their traditional stuff. If we can manage to get things going with pimps of this dignity, world domination is ours. MOAHHHAAAAHAAA!

Perv for corporate stuff? Eeew! Here’s a press release that’ll get you in the mood.

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