December 22, 2020

Appspotr 3 Takes Over

During 2019 we announced that Appspotr 2 will be phased out, and that support for the version would be limited and new apps no longer would be possible to create on this version.

We are now announcing that from January 1st 2021, Appspotr 3 will replace the older version 2 permanently. 

This means all existing apps on the old version will be closed down together with the version. All Appspotr 2 customers have been informed that this will happen, and had the opportunity to move over to Appspotr 3 during the past year.

We are very excited to put all of our efforts into improving, supporting and maintaining Appspotr 3.  Appspotr 3 is about offering a solution that is dynamic, flexible, and powerful. Appspotr 3 enables a truly powerful solution for creating mobile apps. The app client code is written in React Native, which enables rapid development of new functionality for our apps and platform and still utilizes native functionality.

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