October 6, 2016

App of the Month: Whynot Nightclub

When you think of Scotland, what’s the first thing to cross your mind? Men in skirts? Good ol’ Nessie? Face-painted Mel Gibson? Wrong! The correct answer is Edinburgh based nightclub WhyNot. At least after you’ve downloaded September’s App of the Month with the same name.

What happens in Edinburgh stays in Edinburgh. Isn’t that how the saying goes? No? Well, maybe it should. At least if partying there is even half as hype as September’s app of the month would have you believe. WhyNot Nightclub prides itself on being the most famous and popular club in the capital of Scotland. And while we haven’t been there to find out if these superlatives are warranted (add to bucket list: “find out”), we do know for a fact that they’re at least getting the marketing right.

Where da hoes at? WhyNot Nightclub’s menu screen, that’s where.

WhyNot Nightclub covers all of the things you’d want in a club app. We’ve got the News & Offers where you can read about upcoming events, claim special offers such as cheaper entry and mixes from the resident DJ and so on. There’s also The Club, where we’re introduced to the thematically different but equally spectacular dancefloors in both pictures and text. Our Nights lists all of the club nights throughout the week. And thanks to Guest List we can sign up to save some money better spent on the Drinks Menu.

Check out “The Grid” and the rest of the dancefloors. If the lasses are as spectacular as the interior, sign us up!

The WhyNot Nightclub app is professionally crafted through and through. Crisp icons, great content and a nice, consistent visual theme. But its real strength lies in the functionality that is intimately tied to the club. Especially the Guest List. This function alone is enough of an incentive for people to use the app, and ultimately up their clubbing at WhyNot.

Get on the guest list for cheaper entry! This is just one of many awesome ways to utilize our Forms module.

A great philosopher named Paula Abdul once said – while using a Mexican worker as a chair, but let’s not dive into that – something about giving love and getting it back in spades. We don’t remember the exact quote, but it’s a winged one. Anyway, the guys at WhyNot Nightclub have obviously taken that message to heart, as they focus on rewarding their app users, which is sure to win them more customers. Such infinite wisdom!

Okay, that settles it. **** Vegas! We’re going to Edinburgh for our next “conference”. Regardless of how that goes, a Vodka-on-the-rocks solid five out of five hangovers from hell to this splendid app.

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