December 9, 2016

App of the Month: Westeros City

Planning a trip to the mystical realm of Westeros? Let’s face it, with psychotic would-be kings, putrid ice zombies and “muh dwagons” lurking around every corner, the place doesn’t have the best reputation at the moment. Something November’s App of the Month hopes to change.

Westeros, Land of the Seven Kingdoms, known for its wondrous magic, political power struggles and character assassination (Stannis Baratheon, we’re looking at you). With the death of the rightful king and the impending threat of an ice-zombie army drawing closer, Westeros might not seem like the place to be at the moment. To make the land prosper once again and become more attractive to residents and visitors alike, its leaders put their faith in an app.

Awesome design and creative, useful functions. The app is in “Common Tongue”, the most widely spoken language in Westeros. What, you thought they spoke English because they do in the show? It’s dubbed, dummy.

Stamp cards are just annoying as **** to deal with. Unless you have them all in one place on your phone. Brilliant!

The Westeros City app is packed with sweet offers and content pertaining to the infamous realm. With the Shopping page, finding that shiny new chainmail or lovely whorehouse is a breeze. Then there’s Food & Drink to make sure you never have to explore the land on an empty stomach. The app is also full of exclusive offers and built-in stamp cards that truly make for bargain bonanza. The developers keep the content fresh with regular updates, and with winter coming there’s even a digital Advent calendar, where every box hides a new special offer. Let’s pray for some dragon glass or Valyrian steel for Christmas, right?

Advent calendar with unique offers inside every box. “Meet-and-greet with Night King 90% off”? Perfect, just what we wanted…

Westeros City is one of the most well designed apps we’ve seen so far. But what we really love about it is the creative functions that just fit perfectly with the app format’s accessible nature. No more clogging your man purse (or woman purse, or whatever purse) with stamp cards and coupons. No more losing them. They’re all on your phone. Plus a freakin’ Advent calendar. How cool? This elegant app is a must-have for anyone destined to set foot in the Land of the Seven. Five out of five Iron Thrones from the AppSpotr team.

Oh, by the way. To find this app in your app store, search for “Västerås City”. We took the liberty to translate the name.

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