February 16, 2017

App of the Month: Sabaton Open Air

Tremble in fear as January’s App of the Month promotes dark sided music to an ungodly audience. This wicked abomination is a threat to all that is good and just. But more importantly, it’s damn well executed.

Once a year the modest Swedish city of Falun goes fullblown metal Mecka when the Sabaton Open Air festival kicks off. Uniting over 50,000 fans from all across the world in perfect disharmony, the festival is one of the biggest metal happenings in all of Scandinavia. Sabaton Open Air lasts for three days and boasts big international names as its main attractions, with namesake Sabaton serving as the recurring one.

Festival menu done right. Take note, maggots.

2017 marks the ten-year anniversary of the festival. This calls for even more hype, something the host will achieve with an app. A festival is really the perfect candidate for this platform, and Sabaton Open Air has it down to a t in terms of both design, content and functionality.

The app’s nine main pages do a good job covering all the information the user could possibly want. Obviously, we have Bands and Schedule. And FAQ, which deals with stuff you might be wondering that’s not covered in the other pages, like food & drinks, what to bring and age limits on the festival. Then there’s Tickets, where you can secure your own spot in the upcoming metalfest. Sabaton Open Air uses the Website module to integrate the tickets part of their website into the app, but with our recent game changer E-Commerce, this is no longer necessary. You can utilize integrated app-shop functionality instead, obviously for a fraction of the cost and time it takes to build your own website.

Initiators of the festival, Sabaton. Fashion gurus first, melodic power metal band second.

Tickets sold through the Web Page module, our older solution for app-shop functionality.

The content is complemented by a very nifty function. Something very light and simple but oh so useful: push notifications. Essentially, this function on its own warrants a download from each and every person on the upcoming festival. Right now, push notifications update users on band lineup and other stuff. Once the festival kicks off in a few months, it can be used to alert them when the next band is about to hit the stage. This function alone makes the app platform superior for promoting events such as festivals, and we’re sure it’s going to be the standard in the near future.

A staple festival function keeping the user updated and engaged: push notifications.

If you’re one of the many thousands en route to the land of grown-ass men singing songs about decomposing religious figures, you’re obviously going to download this app. All the information you could ask for readily available in your pocket, with push notifications making sure you’re not missing out on the best bands – what’s not to love?

The app platform fits hand-in-glove with this kind of event, and as it’s becoming more and more accessible, we’re sure most festivals out there will have their own app in the near future. Hopefully most of them will be as good as this one. Five out of five hell-sprung growls from the AppSpotr team!

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