April 26, 2016

App of the Month: NBTH

The first-ever AppSpotr App of the Month is awarded to an app built from true passion. To say NBTH takes beards and hair seriously would be an understatement. With its simple-yet-slick design, stringent structure and good amount of useful information, NBTH is a must-download for all those with dreams of hiding their face behind the perfect beard.

Most guys have attempted to grow a beard somewhere down the line. But it’s a long and perilous road ridden with itchy skin and the looks of some inbred hillbilly. Some people just have a hard time growing a thick, voluminous hobo beard. But with the right equipment and methods your chances to look good will improve dramatically. And that’s where this app comes in.

NBTH utilises the Transform layout for this awesome menu and sports an overall slick and classic design that fits the target group. The color scheme of white and black is a good choice and the customised icons are pretty damn swell.

NBTH, short for Not by the Hairs, is a men’s lifestyle app dedicated to beards and hair. Whether you’re going for the Homeless Santa, Prancing Pirate or any other metrosexual look, this is the app that will help achieve your goal. Tap into the infinite knowledge of the haircare guru, ranging from favorite products to kick-ass guides on all manner of hair-related stuff.

The product pages provide us with a picture and a short review as well as a convenient link to the retailer’s website. As a bonus, you also get a coupon code for some of the products.

The tips section offers an assortment of guides, from the first month of growing your first beard and keeping your locks luscious to funny observations on how other people react to our bearded selves.

NBTH makes use of the three modules Content, List and Web Page – all of which are completely free – and is a great example of how building a good app doesn’t have to be expensive. In this case, it doesn’t cost a thing.

So, you want to grow a beard? What are you waiting for? Add NBTH to your vegan diet, sawdust bedding, tiny feet and whatever else you hipst… Oh, wait. That’s hamsters. Whatever. Download the app!

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