January 21, 2017

App of the Month: Full Pott på Högskoleprovet

Are your less-than-stellar high-school grades stopping you from getting into the college of your choice? Sorry, you’re screwed. Unless you’re Swedish and download December’s App of the Month, of course.

Education is good for lots of things, m’kay? But in order to land a fine-ass degree, you’ll have to bite the high-school bullet and achieve shimmering As and Bs in subjects you might just hate. Sadly, some people are too bored, too attention deficit disorder, too lunch-money deprived or just too dumb to give enough fucks at the time. Whatever the reason, it really sucks to be held back later on because of it. Luckily, as with most problems (except for the paradox of time traveling … come on, it just wouldn’t work), there is a solution. SATs. You know the deal. Essentially, for like 50 bucks you do a test that covers a bunch of different fields, and your scores on the test can help you get into college.

A menu. Mindblowing, right?

Now there’s a Swedish version of SATs called Högskoleprovet. And that’s where December’s App of the Month comes in. Full Pott på Högskoleprovet aims to help you getting that perfect score through word training and other valuable stuff delivered through push notifications.

The app is really light, simple and to the point. Essentially, what you have is a quiz, an about section with a link to the creator’s website and promotion of his book on the same subject. No fancy content or anything like that. Instead, it relies on a simple, great idea with a clear – and friggin’ huge – target group in mind. Sometimes that’s all you need.

The quiz tests your mettle in obscure Swedish words to give you an upper hand on the word part of Högskoleprovet. Additionally, there’s the push notifications delivering a “word of the day”, and useful general tips. Considering how big the test is, the app could obviously be fleshed out a lot with more content, but we really love the idea and the creative use of the functions.

Aha! We know that “dendrophiles” love screwing trees. And that “chronology” is the science of arranging events in their order of occurrence in time … so “dendrochronology” just has to mean “look for gold in the river”!

Utilizing both the Quiz Module and push notifications in innovative ways, this li’l app delivers useful content to all those Swedes taking a second shot at academic success. The app scores a near-perfect 1.9 on the AppSpotr test. With some studying and minor adjustments, it could be a flawless 2.0.

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