September 15, 2016

App of the Month: Beatzspire

August’s App of the Month brings some serious untz untz untz to the table with an app dedicated entirely to underground electronic music. Whether you want to discover new artists in the genre, listen to old-school classics or watch the DJs out there go at it, Beatzspire won’t leave you disappointed.

Electronic music has literally exploded in the last couple of years with artists such as Avicii and Swedish House Mafia dominating charts and clubs across the globe. But for those who are really into the genre, big names like these don’t define it. There’s a huge underground scene for electronic music across a wide spectrum of subgenres and artists waiting to be explored. And that’s where this app comes in.

Lots of content spread across five different categories: News, Discover, Classics, Mixed and Live

Beatzspire gives you everything from new releases and old-school classics to top-tier mixes and even recorded DJ performances to discover. Enjoy all of the sweetest tracks and live-performance videos in trip hop, dubstep and all the other subgenres we hardly knew existed. With new content added regularly, this is a great place to get your daily fix and keep yourself updated on the scene.

Beatzspire takes full advantage of AppSpotr’s convenient real-time updating system by adding fresh content every week.

Dig to some of the sharpest DJ performances out there with embedded YouTube videos, brought to you by our one-buck premium module Content+.

Beatzspire delivers a huge library of songs and videos wrapped in deep but logical structure and slick design. Whether you’re a casual fan of house music interested to see what the more obscure corners of the genre offers or a hardcore electronica elitist that knows the scene like Ben Affleck knows Matt Damon, this app is a must-download. Five out of five pills you have no idea what they’re doing (don’t take them!) from the AppSpotr team.

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