November 17, 2016

App Close and Personal: Dead by April

In App Close and Personal we get to know people somehow related to AppSpotr through an arbitrary number of reasonable and less reasonable questions. First out is Swedish metal band Dead by April, whose worldwide musical success is almost as impressive as the app they’ve built with our tool.

Hey guys! So, how come you decided to get an app?

– Hey! Well, we noticed that every artist and band app out there was based on a game or similar. We saw great potential in the platform and thought there were much better ways to use it. What we wanted was an app more intimately tied to us and our music. Also, we get loads of questions about our lyrics, and we simply can’t respond to all of them. Some people ask because they want to get a tattoo with a line from one of our songs. Better get it right then, huh? We figured it would be great if we could just direct them to our app, where they’d find the lyrics along with a truckload of other content!

Being a metal band and all, what’s your favorite animal blood for use in sacrificial rites?

– Haha! Nah, that’s not for us…

How long did it take to build your app?

– You could say it took a couple of weeks to build the framework, so to speak. But we’re constantly updating with new content and functions, so it’s really an ongoing process.

How has your app been received?

– First of all, our fans have really appreciated reading about us band members. Who we are when we’re not on stage or touring. Also, the hype surrounding our app has helped us reach out to more people and get more fans. It’s awesome to see that the app has grown to be so popular!

Which section of your app do you think is the most popular among your fans?

– Based on the feedback we receive, we know that the “Lyrics” section is definitely number one. Runner up is probably the web shop, where fans can get their hands on our merchandise.

What’s your advice to other bands looking to build an app?

– Don’t hesitate, just do it! An app filled with exclusive content is a great gift to the fans!

What’s your greatest achievement as a band, apart from winning our App of the Month?

– So many, it’s hard to choose… But I would say that opening up for the biggest rock band on earth, Linking Park. It was insanely surreal!

If you could wish for a new module for Christmas, what would it do?

– It would be some sort of in-app purchase function. That would be a natural next step in developing our app.

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