February 1, 2017

App Close and Personal: CTO Pontus Backlund

In App Close and Personal we get to know people somehow related to AppSpotr through an arbitrary number of reasonable and less reasonable questions. This time around we get cozy with Pontus Backlund, the big baus on our programming team.

Hey, stranger! So, what would you say has been the biggest challenge in developing the AppSpotr platform so far?

For me the biggest challenge was probably designing the architecture for the E-commerce system. It’s the biggest feature we have launched since I started working here.

What’s your level in World of Warcraft?

I don’t have time for time-consuming games.

Come on now, be real with us.

I am. I stopped playing years ago… I think I was around level 30 or something.

Riiight… Moving on, which feature or functionality do you think would improve our tool the most?

I think E-commerce and our upcoming Social features are really going to spice our tool up! We’re definitely starting to get to a place where you can get some extraordinary functionality in your apps.

What do you love the most about your job?

Coding is a hobby and passion, so when I get to sit down and grind code for hours, or when I get to research and come up with great architecture for huge features, that’s when I’m at my peak of happiness.

And what do you love just a tiny bit less about it?

That’d be the administrative duties.

Can you drop some super secret AppSpotr stuff you’re working on right now?

I would if I could, but since we went public things are very secretive… I can however mention that I’m in the process of building the best coffee bot for Slack ever.

Sounds awesome. So… can you trade us some legendary gear?

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