December 28, 2016

A Recap of 2k16

Another year draws to an end. And not just any year, but the most appic one in AppSpotr history. So far. Here’s a summary of stuff that went down (and up – mostly up) in the last twelve months.

2k16 is the year AppSpotr went public and had our stocks oversubscribed sixteen times in the process. Shoutouts to everyone wanting to be a part of AppSpotr. You’re all awesome, but unfortunately we just couldn’t take everyone in. The one-thousand-something peeps who managed to get their hands on shares are welcome as owners of the world’s best app builder. And, as a little bonus, of stocks that went up 50% over their first mere month on the market.

Our userbase grew. A lot. 2k16 is the year that AppSpotr gained 253,817 new users. Together you guys started 177,604 new projects built on 1,175,538 pages. Many fantastic creations first saw the light of day and gave a glimpse of what is possible on our platform.

2k16 is the year when we produced 33 brilliant blog posts. Oh, make that 31. The other two were mediocre and kind of shitty respectively. We talked AppSpotr, obviously. But we also talked Star Wars and Pokémon Go. We even managed to make a completely unrelated App of the Month post be all about Game of Thrones. Because, why not? We felt like it. Unfortunately we didn’t get to use those Pac-Man like Canadian faces from South Park in a blog post or newsletter. Definitely maybe next year.

Here at the headquarters, 2k16 is the year when 13 new people joined our team and office dog Douglas gained seven years while losing five teeth. Canine guy’s getting old, really old. Most importantly, together we caught 126,210 pokémon. Or rather would’ve if the rest of the crew were as devoted to the #winstinct cause as yours truly.

2k16 meant the biggest upgrade to our platform so far. Four new modules were released. We introduced Templates to make things a whole lot more convenient. And we finally rolled out publishing to your own account on both Google Play and App Store. Support for ads was implemented to increase your cash money dollar flow. And speaking of $$$, our platform took its first steps into e-commerce with a magic PayPal button.

Yeah, no doubt 2k16 has been fine as hell. But enough about the past already. A new year is coming up, and we’re going to bust our asses off to make it an even greater one. With the release of our two flashiest modules just around the corner, 2k17 is in for one hell of a start. Then we’ll just keep going from there.

That’s it for now. Time to pour the champagne and wrap up this year. Appy New Year from all of us at AppSpotr!

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