October 24, 2016

10 New Templates

They come in all shapes and sizes. Big, small, perky, soft, natural, enhanced – we love them all equally! We’re talking apps of course. And to celebrate our warm and fuzzy feelings for them, we’re now releasing ten additional templates.

A while ago AppSpotr introduced one of the best things since primordial soup: the Templates feature! With Templates building apps got even easier. Just pick a template that fits your app’s niche, fill it with content, make the adjustments you want and boom – your app’s done!

This little gem became an instant favorite among you users, even with the limited number available from the get go. Now we’re rolling out the second batch of templates to complement the already existing ones.

Among our newcomers is event-based Festival. A vibrant template with lots of color and all of the functions to kick-start your music happening. Want to show off your creative achievements? Crisp Web Portfolio does the trick.

Get your users into the groove with a colorful Festival app.

Beef up your career with a Web Portfolio.

The are nine new templates in total (sorry, ten sounded better in the title), each covering a different niche. Here’s the entire bunch: Band, Festival, Hotel, Interior Design, Law Firm, Lotus Spa, Pastel Bakery, Photo Portfolio, Web Portfolio.

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