August 30, 2018

1 + 1 = ★★★★★

Appspotr and Appsales are now one!

Appspotr acquires Appsales and the world’s most powerful app platform becomes even more powerful. Appsales is one of the leading sales organisations of apps and we fell in love with each other this year. And you know what happens when feelings appear… Today we can announce that the two of us are now one. Or actually a 5-star company!

Appsales is an app reseller company with global clients and is selling ”App as a Service”. Appsales also have their own SaaS service for internal communication called CYAN. A super smart communication app that of course is GDPR-approved and super hot on the market.

Patric Bottne (CEO Appspotr): ”- I’m extremely happy about this merge. I have wanted to tell you about this upcoming mega boost of our organisation that we have worked with for a while, and I am super happy that today be able to announce this news. Appsales sales team have over the years proven to be smart, client focused, genuine and hungry. Just what we want and need!”

Carsten Sparr (CEO Appsales): ”- Over the years I have kept an eye on Appspotr and this spring when we intensified the discussions I just knew Appspotr’s technical platform and the exiting things that they have in their roadmap are world breaking. The technical team, product, support and operational team are world class, we just wanted to get onboard! ”

Appspotr will from now on have two products, our platform business (Platform as a Service) where creatives can build and publish apps and also offer CYAN, an internal communication app for companies. This is what we call a HAPPY FRIDAY!

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