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Appspotr lets you create smartphone apps visually without coding. Smoother than building from scratch, more flexible than your wildest imagination.
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Build your app

Control every aspect of your app’s design in our drag-and-drop view builder – from colors and images to buttons and typography. Our patchwork editor gives you just as much power over the app’s structure and functionality. Combined, the two make a killer combination with an appicness-guaranteed result.
Appspotr view builder
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View builder

Mix pre-built and customized components to create apps that are just as simple or complex as you want them to be.


Set up complex logic and navigation patterns with nested menus.

Native & PWA

Build React Native apps for iOS and Android as well as progressive web apps.

Enhance your app with advanced functionality

Elevate your users’ experience with login and localization, and extend the app’s functionality to the sky and beyond with seamless integrations to other systems.
illustration of appspotr connecting to 3rd party APIs
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Integrate with any API

Connect your app to other systems by building custom integrations to any REST API.

User management

Utilize our log-in system to set up robust user management with different user groups.


Use one app across several markets – adapt the content in your app to match the user’s locale.

Manage your app

Change any content in your app in real time – yourself or with the help of appointed admins. Using push notifications makes sure your users don’t miss any important updates.
appspotr cms with mobile mockup
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Assign multiple admins with different roles and permissions to help manage your app.

Push notifications

Send instant or scheduled push notifications to all of your app’s users or selected groups.


Work freely on any new feature or improvement to your app without publishing – update whenever you’re ready.
”It was challenging at first, rewarding at second – now it’s just plain fun.”
"It's a wordpress for apps."
”Okay, you’re officially my new favorite brand.”
“I’ve tried many platforms and always been bummed out by the limitations. Appspotr seems very promising in that respect.”
"Your app builder is much better than all those other app builders.”
— MOM <3
phone with an app built on appspotr

Preview on your device

Keep track of your progress and make sure everything looks on point by previewing your creation at any time. Just scan the QR code on your device to see a real-time preview of your app.

Publish without hassle

Publish your app to App Store and Google Play or as a progressive web app to a subdomain on the web. Once you’re done building your app, our cloud builder will assist you in setting up the iOS and Android binaries in a few simple steps. Our domain name service makes deploying your PWA even easier – just hit publish!
illustration of play store, app store and PWA logos
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