Simple pricing, No hassle.

What's included?

All these features are included in AppSpotr

iPhone app
iPad app
Android smartphone app
Android tablet app
Native preview
Unlimited number of FREE pages
Unlimited number of apps
Real-time updates of content, design & layout
Powerful design tools
Support via Zendesk
App Store publishing (Your own account) & Google Play publishing (Your own account, APK)

Premium Features

No fixed plan. You pay for usage of Premium Features.

Premium Features starting at

$ 1 /month

By adding Free or Premium Features from the Marketplace to your app, you decide for yourself what your monthly subscription is. At any time, you can add or remove Premium Features and update your monthly subscription.


How long are your contracts?

You pay monthly for AppSpotr’s services. You can start & stop at any time.

Who owns the source code?

AppSpotr grants you a license to use and modify your app but only when used on the AppSpotr system. Your app can not operate without the AppSpotr backend. On this basis, you can not own or move the source code.

What happens if Apple releases a new version of iOS?

We will automatically update your app to a new version if needed, without any additional cost.

Can I become a reseller for AppSpotr?

There are no reseller accounts available in AppSpotr. But you can, of course, build apps for your customers as much as you like with our regular accounts.

Can I publish apps on my own iTunes Connect or Google Play account?

Yes, you can publish your app on your own iTunes Connect and Google Play account.

Are there any third-party costs?

Your Google Play Developer Account is a $25 one-time fee. Your iTunes Connect account enrolled to iOS developer program is $99/year.


Do I need a credit card to publish my app without any Premium Features in it?

Yes, even if there are no Premium Features you need a valid credit card to publish your apps. We do not charge your card if there is no Premium Features in it.

Is there any AppSpotr Ads in the apps once published?