May 17, 2018

The Power of Push Notification

Push notifications is considered as one of the biggest guns in your arsenal. There is nothing better to use when it comes to re-engaging your users. There is a fine line between using push in a good way and overdoing it.

Social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram use push a lot. They can do this because their push is directed straight to the user. With likes and comments that are from the user’s own posts which doesn’t make the user feel bombarded because all are relevant to them.

Now, you don’t have a big social media platform with millions of users. The apps you have rely on hundred or thousands of users. And without the possibility to target one single user (yet), how do you find the right content and the right amount of push for the users you have?

Notifications that is directed to all the users needs to find a good balance, not sending too few or not too many. Sending too few and the users might forget about the app because of the amount of competition small apps have. Too much and the users will feel annoyed. Finding the right days and time to market it on is a big thing as well.

Let’s say you have a restaurant app you want to find the time and days that increase your sale. A special offer during lunchtime each day might be enough, might not. This is something each user needs to find out.

The other big factor is how much of your content is being updated on a regular basis. New menu, products, song or a new layout for example. It is a very easy way to let all your users know something new and fun have happened or is about to happen. The user gets intrigued about the update and usually checks it out.

Quick guide to succeed with your push notifications:

  1. Get to know your audience (app users)
  2. How often do they appreciate notification
  3. What kind of content do they like
  4. Surprise them with unexpected information sometimes
  5. Add a “call to action” so the users know what to do with the information you just pushed

But why use push? Is it that useful?

Push notifications increase the app engagement by 88%, according to Localytics! If that’s not enough, they also found out that 65% of the users return to the app within 30 days if push is enabled, and that is pretty amazing!

Are you using push in your app to engage your users?

Check out “Events” tab in Appspotr to start using push notifications for your apps.

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