March 30, 2021

Some Real Holy-Sh*t Features Coming to Appspotr 3!

Ground control to Major Tom? More like ground control to Major Updates to Appspotr 3, that will revolutionize several aspects of app development for everyone using our platform. Get the gist below.

The following updates are introduced with our super slick, fresh-out-of-the-box version of Appspotr 3:

State, Storage and Variables

State stores data locally for use as long as the app is up and running. When the app is shut down the state disappears, kind of like when you were little and your mom told you to clean your room and you said sure, but then she left the room and you were like: ”What was I supposed to do again? Oooh, that’s right, play video games!”Storage is a feature used when users of the app makes different choices inside the app. These choices can now be saved in the local storage in the app and used for various purposes, instantly or at another time.

This could, for instance, be used to build an app that lets you remind yourself of how incredibly stupid and unnecessary that last-round tequila-shot race was when you wake up in agony the morning after. And other things.

Variables handles data that only needs to be stored for a short while, like during a calculation, and then it’s gone.

Logic blocks

Logic blocks lets you combine any logic for your app, using ready-made logic blocks or designing your own. With our latest update it is now possible to manage and edit data through Logic blocks. Set up rules dictating what to happen or show depending on the input. For example, show things in the calendar or not depending on what date it is, or show different views if a requested password is correct or not. So many possibilities!


Our new navigation component supports all navigation patterns possible in iOS and Android. Be creative – we dare you!


For the first time ever in Appspotr, Versions allows for two versions of an app to exist simultaneously. This means you can take your sweet time working on updates to your app, troubleshooting and such, before publishing the new version. More practical for your users, less embarrassing for you!

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