June 11, 2021

New Feature: Redeem Codes

Hear ye, hear ye! Your favorite app builder is back with another feature (and another pop-cultural reference that’s way past its best best-before date). Give it up for Redeem Codes.

Anybody who knows their fantasy also knows there’s nothing better than a good redemption arc. Perhaps the family-loving and ruggedly fair Ser Jaime of Game of Thrones is the best proof of this, going from full-blown asshole to less full-blown asshole through the course of the seven billion pages long story. But not everyone has the golden locks, imposing square jaw or swordsmanship of Mister Westeros. Worry not. We’re here to tell you there’s another path to redemption.

M’ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present our newest functionality: Redeem Codes.

With this bad boy you can put all of your past sins behind you by offering sweet stuff in your app – without losing your hand, dignity and ultimately life in the process.

So how does it work? Let’s say you’re hosting a jousting, for example. Then Redeem Codes is the perfect way to offer your guests a free can of mead along with the skull-smashing, eye-popping action. Or maybe you own a chic armor boutique and want to give loyal Stannermen (that’d be people loyal to Stannis Baratheon AKA the One True King) a well-deserved discount. All they have to do is download your app and soon they’ll see themselves clad from top to toe in Valyrian steel.

Utilizing this functionality is almost as easy as spotting plot holes in Season 8:

  1. Use our ready-made Redeem Codes template to build your app (or add the feature to an already existing one)
  2. Publish it as a native app or a PWA
  3. Get the app to its intended audience
  4. Start firing off codes

So to sum things up, you’ve pretty much got two options if you want the grace of the Seven to shine down upon you. You either become the son of one of the richest and most powerful dudes in the realm and develop a deeply unhealthy relationship with your sister, or you try out our fresh new feature. Can’t make up your mind? Read more here.

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