February 8, 2018

New Feature: React Native

Calling all React Native coders on planet Earth. Welcome to our app community!

Developers now have the opportunity to apply for access to start building modules / plugins in an SDK based on React Native.

Today there’s over 2 million apps on Apple’s App Store and over 3 million on Google Play. The most frequently used apps on most phones are either preinstalled from Apple and Google, owned by Fortune 500 companies, or games. What this amounts to is a great challenge for new digital services to break through. For services that bridges the gap between the digital and the physical world, the possibilities are still endless! Take the taxi industry as an example. Taxis has been around in some form since the 17th century. When Uber and its copycats came around and got everyone to download an app, the short-trip transportation landscape changed drastically. Why? Because the app improved upon the customer experience by simplifying ordering and payments.

In the same way, others have tried to build platforms in different verticals, for instance in food delivery. The business model is still built on the premise of first building new relationships with large numbers of customers and suppliers and then using the position as middleman to coax large losses into profits. Best of luck to them, but we see other possibilities.

Our mission ever since we started has been to democratize app development. In practice, that means enabling smaller groups to use apps to improve and simplify communication and administration. Examples could be a company department that consolidates several different internal reporting systems in one app or a company that wants to make it easier for customers to find and order the right product in a large assortment. These kinds of apps will have relatively few users per app. But most of the services and products we use on a daily basis, both privately or at work, are local in nature and doesn’t have more than perhaps a few hundred customers. The business opportunity for developers, therefore, isn’t in building one app with many users, but in building modules / plugins, that integrates with ERPs and third party services, or new smart app features that can be used in many apps. If an app has a short life span, like an app for a trade show, then limiting production costs and time effort increases in importance.

To meet these needs we have said that we’re going to build a portal for developers, where anyone who wants to can build modules / plugins, which integrates with ERPs and third party services. we also want to introduce new cool stand-alone app features that can be sold through the portal in the Appspotr Marketplace. This will enable others to, simply and quickly, build their app from prefab built modules, creating an ecosystem for app development where coders and non-coders do business. Therefore we are now proud to open the doors to the first version of the portal.

We chose React Native as our SDK because we want to make our platform as accessible as possible. React Native guarantees a vibrant platform, with lots of available modules and plugins. Thanks to this, creative agencies will be able to put their personal touches as well as build special functionality in any app. In short, this will help shorten the distance from an idea to a finished app.
React Native is an open source platform for building native apps for iOS and Android. Since it was launched in 2015 by Facebook it has grown strongly and is now used by hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide.. Today, several of the world’s most popular apps are built with React Native, among others Skype and Airbnb. During the year, we will gradually open up the portal and add more functions. When it’s complete, you will be able to easily integrate with other services and sell these modules and plugins via the AppSpotr Marketplace. . This functionality will make the Marketplace relevant for everyone, from developers who builds plugins and modules in the portal , to creatives who, just like in Wordpress, create apps from modules / plugins.

To all our old and new non-coding users we say: “congratulations”, for being able to soon create even more epic apps without coding. To all of you developers out there we say: “welcome to our tribe, now go forth and create epic cash by coding!”

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